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FAB Tequila Blob - Code A126 (S 10,12 & 14)

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FAB TEQUILA BLOB - Our biggest selling Fab - Why ? Because it can be fished pulled, static, and with nymphs to create the devastating washing line method - its devastatingly good !

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FAB Tequila Blob

Just when you thought the tequila blob could not be bettered-welcome to FAB Tequila ! The tequila, or cocktail blob has been one of the best trout fly patterns of recent years. The trout love this fly. Often fished on sinking lines this fly is great when fishing from a drifting boat and espcially good when the trout are feeding on daphnia. This new version is known as the FAB (foam arsed blob). It acts like a booby, and will float when presented on a sinking line. A great fly for the washing line method. The body is made from Flash Attack sunburst yellow and hot orange Fritz along with the unique sunburst yellow Flash, also a product from Flash Attack flies. The Tequilla blob is an essential fly for every anglers armoury!

Blob flies are probably one of the most used lures of today's fishing. Blobs can be fished on a floating line, down to the fastest sinking lines on the market. A very slow retrieve on a floating line can be extremely effective, fishing the blob as an attractor on the top dropper with a team of nymphs below. Pulling the blob fast on sinking lines is also deadly ! Blob trout flies come in many different colours and colour combinations. The blob fly is one of the most common flies used today, and is a big favourite of the competition angler.


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