Killer Grafham Shrimp Grub

Grafham Shrimp Fly CODE U130(s8,10)

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This red head Grafham Shrimp fly has been one of my most successful. Fished often as a team of 3 on a floating line, or as a washing line set up, the fish just hammer it! North shore points, sludge point, the seat, gaynes cover or the dam, its works everywhere.

The Killer Grafham shrimp grub fly is stark resembalance to the real thing. Copied from a close up photograph of the real thing, this fly will produce fish. We tried it on the dropper with the suspender killer shrimp and both took fish. The actual name for this shrimp that has invaded Grafham Water is the dikerogammarus villosus, and can be found around all the shore lines of Grafham AWater, in particular the North Shore, Hedge End, Pylon Point, Deepwater Point and G Buoy point. These shrimp patterns are sure to be a key ingredient of any fly box this year, maybe even have a bung rig ready with this particular pattern !!

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