Crisp Packet Buzzer Code C143  ( s 10,12,14,)

Crisp Packet Buzzer Code C143 ( s 10,12,14,)

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THE CRISP PACKET BUZZER - Undoubtedly the best buzzer on the market - it catches thousands each year - A guarenteed fish catcher no matter where you fish !! Top selling Rutland Buzzer. TOP SELLER BY MILES !

Buzzers can be fished in various ways, under an indicator, floating lines, intermediates, Midge tips, and the washing line method- On there day all these tactics can be deadly! Buzzers are best fished in a side wind, left to right, or right to left. This allows the buzzers to drift naturally in the water and also helps to keep the fly line straight-important when hooking the trout. Fishing the buzzers static has to be the deadliest way to present the flies, the key factor is to simply keep the line tight- this can be done by just checking there are no kinks in the fly line as you inch it back.

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