Hares Ear Fly Hybrid 3 - CODE HB3(S10,12,14)

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Now this Hybrid Shrimp is the business !! Taken 100's of fish on Rutland, many in just a few feet of water! The deliberate shaggy look, when wet(see image) looks awesome, and the trout think so too. This fly catches both shrimp, and small fry feeders. Spot a moving fish - cast this fly in its path, and just watch your line - the fish often just pick it up on the drop! Lifting this fly up slowly on the hang is deadly. My best catch on one day has been 6 out of 11 taking it on the lift up. Best lines - floater or midge tip.

Remember to hang them at the end of every cast. On the slow lift can be deadly !

Tied on Flash Attack' Lake Master barbless hooks.

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