Tequila Booby (S10) Code B113

Tequila Booby (S10,12.14) Code B113

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TEQUILA BOOBY OR COCKTAIL BOOBY - Probably the most used booby amongst competitive anglers. Devastatingly good anywhere! TOP SELLER !

Booby trout flies come in many different colours. The booby has buoyant eyes and is generally fished static on the bottom of lake beds. The booby fly offers a new dimesion when fishing nymphs near the surface. Boobies are used as a float on the point of a cast to suspend nymphs close to the surface. This effective style of fishing is called the washing line. The Cats whisker booby, woofter booby, cormorant booby and blob boobies are amongst a competitions favourite. The booby is a must in any anglers box.

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