Traffic Light Owl Buzzer CODE C149 (s 8,10,12,14)

Traffic Light Owl Buzzer CODE C149 (s 8,10,12,14)

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Traffic Light Owl Buzzer, Unique to Flash Attack flies, and created by Craig. quote "Probably my best ever buzzer, it's incredible" As the founder of the Traffic Light Buzzer, this pattern is the next generation ! Avail in 4 sizes

Buzzers are best fished in teams of 3 on a floating line. A side wind is the best as you can allow the buzzers to drift round naturally in the wind.

The buzzer trout fly is arguably the most used fishing fly all year round. The buzzer starts as a blood worm at the bottom of lake beds. As it rises to the surface the trout feed on this abundant nymph, until it emerges as an adult buzzer.Trout buzzer nymphs come in many colours however the most popular trout buzzer is the black buzzer. Trout anglers have named buzzer flies in many different ways, the epoxy buzzer, the superglue buzzer, the spanflex buzzer, bug bond buzzers, skinny buzzers, quill buzzers, 3d buzzers and many others. Todays modern materials allow the trout angler to create some very imitative buzzer fishing flies.

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