UV Thorax Cruncher (S-10,12,14)

UV Thorax Cruncher CODE E107 (S-10,12,14)

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UV THORAX CRUNCHER -Our biggest selling cruncher,and One of Rutland Waters biggest selling crunchers too ! Many bag limits have come to this fly in competitions- TOP SELLER !

This was was a hidden secret by founder Craig, for several years. When released to the retail market it became Flash Attack Flies top selling pattern two years running. Tied using Flash Attacks unique UV material this fly is guarenteed to catch you trout. Buy the original UV Cruncher tying here !

The cruncher trout fly is a competition anglers favourite. This versatile fly pattern covers many forms of diet for a feeding trout. The cruncher has many different guises, the most popular being, the nemo cruncher, uv cruncher, olive cruncher, and brown cruncher. The cruncher fly is best fished on a floating line with a team of nymphs. Rainbow trout love the cruncher fly especially when feeding on fry. The cruncher is a great lookalike for small fry. Size 12 cruncher trout flies are an excellent choice for fishing for corixa feeding trout along weed beds. The small cruncher with its tiny hackle looks very similar to a moving corixa !

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