The Rocket Blob Code A102 (S10,12)

The Rocket Blob Code A102 (S10,12)

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ROCKET BLOB - Works everywhere, with great results on Scottish Waters in particular.

Blob flies are probably one of the most used lures of today's fishing. Blobs can be fished on a floating line, down to the fastest sinking lines on the market. A very slow retrieve on a floating line can be extremely effective, fishing the blob as an attractor on the top dropper with a team of nymphs below. Pulling the blob fast on sinking lines is also deadly ! Blob trout flies come in many different colours and colour combinations. The blob lure is one of the most common flies used today, and is a big favourite of the competition angler.

The Flash Attack rocket blob is a favourite. A great fly when fished on a DI5 especially early season. A steady pul often brings the best results

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