Just Seconds From That Special Brown On Rutland !

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After a lot of fishing on Rutland over the last 7 days, competing in the Anglian/Airflo International Final, it was a pleasure to have a more relaxed approach by taking two clients on a tour of Rutland for their first ever visit !

When they told me there target was a big brown, I knew the pressure was one, however with one or two now making an appearance, it was a day of targeting weed beds, and they didn't disappoint !

A fresh Westerly wind, accompanied by bright blue skies, wasn't exactly the conditions we would have liked, however we rose to the challenge, and headed up the North Arm.

We started in Barnsdale Bay, fishing floating lines(Wychwood Rocket Floaters), with a two fly set up,  Flash Attack Black Popper fry, and a Flash Attack Brown Foam Daddy.

Fifteen minutes in and the surface exploded as a fish, from nowhere, nailed the popper fry clean off the surface.


I have noticed, the best way to catch quality fish at Rutland at the moment, is to just keep on moving along the weed beds, so with this in mind, we decided to move to the very top of the North Arm, and work our way back. Unlike Stock fish, you wont come across shoals of 3lb + fish, so keeping on the move is key.

We started our drift in the shallows of the North Arm, drifting it what looked like 6 -8 foot of water.  It may not look too fishy, but stick at it, they are there, so just keep moving. We hit into another cracking rainbow some 100yds or so into the drift, followed by another 50yds on again,

We continued our drift along to Cardiac Hill, and it was here that the fun began. As the popper fry landed on the surface, what can only be described as a large  area of water was pushed towards the stricken fly. As we stared in anticipation, a large back circled the fly, followed by a huge boil. Had it taken the fly, no, but Dave struck  a split second too early, thinking it had taken it. A quick shout from me" GET THE FLY BACK ON IT!!" resulted in Dave casting straight back at it, and unbelievably the fish took a u turn and headed straight back to it - surely this time !  The fish rolled over it, a good 8lb brown, and Dave to our horror, struck before the fish headed down with the fly in its mouth, and missed it a second time.

What a moment of tension - brilliant !!

We soon made amends with two more lovely rainbows, and a brown along Cardiac Hill, all along the weed line, some 25yds off the bank, falling to a combination of the Black Popper fry and Brown Foam daddy.

All in all an excellent day on the "Mecca" 8 belting fish, and a moment of great excitement with the monster brown.

(follow the links to see the two flies that took ALL fish yesterday 06/10/21)



If you would like a day out on the popper fry chasing some of Rutland's specimen fish, then you can contact me on craig@flashattackflies.com  With the days getting shorter, you can now book a guided day for £175.00 (included boat and c&r ticket) Popper fry fishing will now go right through to the end of November, so book your day....Mention BLOG when you book a day to get a further £10 off your day !

I hope you enjoyed the read. 

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