Lad Verses Dad - Who Won The Bragging Rights??

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It is not that often I get to go out fishing with my dad, however we we determined to have a great day on Rutland together. Rutland is still only showing glimpses of its normal potential for this time of year, however saying that, if you know where to look, there are some superb fish to be caught !

This last few weeks I have being focussing on fishing the weed beds, and today was no different. Despite the introduction of plenty of stock fish this last few weeks, nothing can beat a grown on Rutland Rainbow or Brown, so yet again, we decided to pursue these.

We started our drift in "Log Bay" right next to New Zealand Bay. We were both started on fast glass lines and white humungous lures, due to the bright blue skies, and temperatures you'd expect to find in July, not so much the back end of September, 23 degrees !

Fifteen minutes in and fish number one came to the boat, a nice 2lb brown, though moments later a fine specimen of around 6lb cruised up behind my fly, only to shun it at the last moment.


As we headed into open water, fish number 2 soon came to the net, to me again, a nice lumpy rainbow.


Next stop was Yellow Stone, where my dad got his first fish in the net - on the drop(lol) A good fish it was too, around 3.5lb.

By now the sun was blazing and with an increasing wind, we new a slog was on the cards.

As I have said in my recent blogs, I have found it best to keep on the move, drift in, move along 3oyds, then repeat once more.

As we fished along the peninsular front(opposite the lodge), my line pulled tight once more, with another fine Rutland Specimen of around 3lb, again on the white humungous


By now the wind had peaked at 13mph, and with not a moving fish in sight, there was certainly still plenty of daddies about.

We decided to have a look at the Normanton shore late afternoon, however the blustery wind and bright skies put paid to not a lot happening here !

To get a little shelter from the wind we headed up the North Arm, again targeting the weeds. I decided to give my arm a rest and try the popper fry, despite the blue skies. Well, 20 mins or so in, this bad boy popped up to say hello, nailing my Rutland Popper fry.

Followed soon by another lumpy rainbow.

This may all look very nice, but it was not easy going. We worked the shores hard, moving, moving, and moving some more, picking up the odd fish here and there.

We finished our day on the opposite shore, near Belgrano Bay, where both hooked into a nice brown apiece, rounding off a nice day. My dad looks on as I am sure he is proud to have taught me all he knows.....

As for the result, I guess at 48 I had youth on my side, still being able to still pull at 100mph, and this helped nudged the result in my favour, 9-2 !!

Follow the links to see the best two performing flies on the day.

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Tight lines to all



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