Rutland Continues Its Rich Form Fishing Buzzers

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"My best day's buzzer fishing ever" claimed Alan Telford. Read on to find out why....

As we meandered  eagerly along the pontoon, I told Alan it was a floating line only day; his response was one of joy. Buzzers, buzzers buzzers!

We headed to Hideaway Bay in search of a Rutland biggie. An hour in, and we had managed just the one fish, fishing buzzers on our floating lines. My instincts were telling me the fish were not playing, so we decided to move on to hunt out the seemingly elusive fish that we knew were there.  

The next stop was the Bunds Wall, where it meets the shore line of the Green Bank. It wasn't long until we hit fish here, fishing a Fab on the point and a team of buzzers, all barbless. Alan was quickly told to keep them static at the line tight, and was soon hitting regular fish.

For me, the most important tip when buzzer fishing, is do not move the flies, static all the way, and keep the line tort at ALL times. As Alan soon learnt, it made a huge difference, bagging him nearly 20 trout !!


After landing a few fish here, we moved onto Yellowstone. Nicely sheltered by the light breeze, it looked fishy... and it was. We next moved some 200yds along the bank, into Spud Bay. There was a good head of fish in this area, as we both hit regular fish.

Alan playing one of 3 fish he caught in spud Bay on Flash Attack buzzers.

Now near 2.00pm we decided to head to head down to the North Arm, having had some excellent sport there myself last week.

We stopped off at Armley Wood, and after just a few chucks, the line tightened with that familiar twang, and a rainbow was doing acrobatics in front of us. Dickenson's Bay was one spot I hadn't fished this season, so with the favourable wind, we shot across the lake, heading into the Bay.

An hour in and we had managed 7 fish, but little did we know what was in store as the wind dropped.

The odd fish moving, turned in to an abundance of fish moving, as the wind dropped and the buzzers were out in force. The fish were literally everywhere, and they wanted it !

Our first drift through saw Alan take 5 in 5 casts, all on the buzzers, and I managed 3 myself. Now flat calm, I took the boat away from the fish slowly, and went round in a large circle, not to disturb the feeding fish, and crept back in behind them for round two.

The  fish frenzy had just got better, and with every cast something would happen. True, there were a lot of stock fish about, but we were fishing in just 5-10' of water, and stealth was almost certainly key.

One of my best performing buzzers on the day.

We had earlier watched a boat (anchored) at the road end, and in no more than 30 minutes, had pulled the anchor up  no less than 3 times, motored the boat no more than 10 yds, dropped the anchor in again, rattling the chain down the edge of the boat in doing so......we never saw them land a fish, as we managed 5 behind them.

As the sun went down, we fished onto 7.00pm. The fishing was frantic to the very last cast for both of us and with one last tight line we decided it was time to head home after our belting buzzer session!

We kept the same set up all day, a Candy Fab on the point, followed by 2 buzzers.

If you would like a set of these deadly flies(3 of each) send us an email to and we will send you 9 flies for £10.50 inc post. (THEY WILL BE ALL BARBLESS) The buzzers are not available on our website.

This set up netted 10's of trout for us both. If you would like a guided day with Craig, and given the same tips handed to Alan, then please email Craig at and express your interest. These are not just any flies, these are Flash Attack Flies

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