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As many of you may already have been aware, I have set up camp at Rutland Water this last week, fishing there 4 days of this last week.

First up was Essex based Martyn who had never fished Rutland before. It is no secret that the North Arm of Rutland has been in scintillating form for the whole of April, so this was our starting point for the day.

We started at the dead tree in the water at the Transformer. It was just moments later that Graham hit into fish, pulling on a fast glass line. I too got in on the action with a Candy Fab suspended with two crisp packet buzzers. The fish came pretty thick and fast here. The fish really honed in on the Candy, taking all but one of my 6 fish here.

We moved across to Dickenson's Bay, sheltered a little more from the Easterly wind. Here we found a lot of moving fish, sipping in the surface, but noticeably not off it !!

Rather frustratingly they were a little tricky catch, however a removal of the two nymphs on my cast, and adding a further candy fab on the top dropper, the fish just kept on coming. I new after watching the fish, I just needed to get my flies in the zone of them feeding, and the two fabs was the answer, netting me over 20 more fish !!

Graham was soon onto the method, and he too started to catch plenty, 15 to be precise. Not to bad, never had fished here before!


Day 2, was in fact a competition, and as like the day before it was a sweet treat for the trout once more that landed me 27 fish, the Candy Fab, fished as a pair on a midge tip line this time. They would just not leave it alone.

Day 3, and it was back to a guided day. This time I had the pleasure of sharing my boat with Darren Devlin from Scotland. Like Graham, Darren hadn't fished Rutland, so I was keen to show him the ropes. 

As like the previous 2 days, I headed back to the North Arm, however this time, right to the top end, near Tim Appletons', after hearing of good catches here in the match the day before.

With the same set up as the day before, two Candy Fabs on a 3' midge tip, it wasn't long until the line ripped tight, and again, and again.

Darren was fishing a single Candy Fab on a floating line, and he too started hitting regular fish. 

The fish were way out from the shore, up to 300 yards out, and there was plenty of them. This allowed for much longer drifts, and after hitting regular fish, it soon built up a picture of plenty of fish to be had.

We decided on a move, and headed across to Burghley Reaches, and here too proved fruitful, with more fish coming to the net, this time with the Candy Fab, mixed with two buzzers, as the fish dropped a little lower in the water.

Darren and I landed in excess of 25 fish, as yet again the fish were feeding, and present your flies in their window, and your line was certainly going to tighten !

Day 4,and like Darren, and Graham, Martyn had also not fished Rutland, and was certainly in awe at its size !  We started our day from 1.00pm, so we made a beeline for the top of the North, where we had had a fish bonanza the day before. 

Well, the fish bonanza of only 24 hours earlier, had seemed to have disappeared, as we failed to find the fish like we had the day before. We were faced with a flat calm, and  a slight algae bloom, following several days of sunshine.


What a difference a day makes ! We soon concluded the fish had moved on, so we moved on too. We headed across to Burghley Reaches, where a breeze was now blowing into this shore. The water hear was much cleaner, and with it was plenty of fish. 

Martyn was soon into his first fish, on, yes you've guessed it, the Candy Fab, eeked back on a floating line.

The fish have been very high at Rutland, taking the majority of times within the top 2', and I have found fishing straight line nymphs has allowed your flies to drop below them !

We worked our way along the Burghley Reaches bank and Martyn and I continued to catch fish, with Martyn landing a beauty of approx 4lbs !

It was an awesome 4 days, with over 100 fish coming to the boat, and not all stock fish either !!

During these 4 days, it was paramount you kept your flies high in the water, and just as important, you kept them VERY still, something Martyn learnt, and loved ! You would often feel a tap, maybe two, but don't strike, as the fish were playing with the fly first, before engulfing it. Just wait until its tight and pulling back, then lift the rod.

Rutland is a huge water, so if you are planning to fish it, then why not tap into my knowledge before you go. I'll happily point you in the right direction. Simply email me at www.flashattackflies.com, and I will do my very best to get back to you before you go. If you do not know where to start with flies, then we will be happy to help you here too. Why not let Craig pick the flies for you. We have already done with for many happy customers!  No budget is too small- we are glad to help.

Here are two messages we received just today !  Always pleased to help fellow anglers.

"Hi mate, thanks for the info, we had 25 fish to the boat, and all on Flash Attack Buzzers"(James Walker) - 30/4/21

"Went to the Transformer. Followed your tactics and Bingo! A cracking afternoon. Had 7, lost loads, plenty of action. Should have remembered move move move 1 Thanks for all the tips, Simon Robinson (30/4/21)

Follow the link to see the killer "Candy Fab" I wouldn't be without it on my line at Rutland !!!





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